Since 2015, we've been making all of our swimsuits with this made to order process.  It was what made us stand out from other swimwear brands, as you could choose your prints, size and add any minor specification for a custom suit.  Since then, we've been adjusting our creative process so we can meet all of your needs, including the coverage option.  In this section you can select your style, your two prints, size and coverage preference. If you need an extra add on, feel free to contact us via DM (@vigoswim on IG) or email ( so we can make you a personal invoice with these extra adjustments. 

Al though this is a process that made us who we are today and still stand for it, we have very high demand and therefore high waiting time, and it is why we have created a READY TO SHOP section at our dropped down Menu.  So, if you ever need a swimsuit for tomorrow or asap, tap into that section and select one of the styles we have available for you at the moment.  These style can not be altered in any way - they are sold as is. 

Thank you for the love and support!