The ORIGINAL collection was born for the first time when we noticed there was a manufacturer in China copying our original and signature HAMMOCK one piece style in one of our best selling prints AVE PARAÍSO (not an original print, we had bought online) and selling them crazy cheap to retailers. We are aware that we can't control what happens in the other side of the world, but when we noticed this was happening, it was definitley time to create our own prints.  That's when Julia came in!  She is a talented graphic designer based in Switzerland and we stumbled upon each other on IG. We quickly fell in love with each other's work, and after exchanging a few likes and comments, we decided to work together.  She created a prints bundle made exclusively for us, and that's when an 100% all around ORIGINAL Vigo swimsuit came to life! 

Thank you Julia West for creating such lovely and distinctive prints.  We love them!



Vigo Swim