It's crazy how life can turn everything upside down and paralyze the whole world.  With COVID-19 being one of the largest pandemic in history, we've had to reinvent ourselves and create our life around it.  

We first came up with our MASKS when we noticed there was high demand on the N95 masks and they we're running out around the world.  I immediately thought this was going to be the new norm.  Having to wear a mask everywhere we go.  At the beginning, like everything that is new, I had a few people complaining about the fact that cloth face masks don't have the same protection as the medical ones and they didn't protect you from the virus, so it was misleading and irresponsible to sell mine.  This is in fact very true, so I simply decided to call them "MASK Covers" and specified the facts and uses before even starting to sell them.  It is very important to be completely transparent when selling a product.  

Little did we know, that a few weeks after they would become part of our wardrobe. Today we face the reality that we can't enter anywhere without a mask.  If we are going to use them everyday and everywhere, why not make them sustainable and trendy?  Our MASKS are made out of scraps we've been holding on for years (waiting for a cool project to use them with), they are reversible (doble layered - two in one), they have a small opening hidden in the seam for filters and have adjustable straps on both sides.  Plus, they dry extra fast after washing since they are made out of eco-spandex.  

We are now offering the option of making them fully custom for an extra charge or you can order them in random prints for a cheaper price.  You decide! We love to give you options.  

Stay safe, sane and healthy!


Vigo Swim