The distinctive two-in-one swimsuits are sustainably designed by Puerto Rican designer Mariana Vidal. She studied Marketing at USC and Fashion Design at Lisa Thon School in Puerto Rico. Mariana's journey into swimwear began in 2015, in need of a budget friendly swimsuit for an upcoming trip, she decided to make one for herself. While shopping for fabric, she couldn’t make up her mind over which print to choose from so she made herself a reversible bikini. Little did she know that it was the beginning of a new chapter in her career as a designer. The one of a kind and versatile style quickly caught the eye of friends and acquaintances, and upon request Mariana began crafting custom order swimsuits. As the demand continued to grow and the brand gained popularity in Puerto Rico and Miami, Mariana realized that she had found her niche and passion, and officially launched Vigo Swim in 2015. 


Vigo has maintained its vision clear for over 5 years.  We believe in pushing our standards daily while focusing in versatility and durability. A perfect fit that accentuate your curves by hugging your body in the right places is one of our main goals.  It is very important for us to increase your expectations by delivering a timeless and high quality piece. Every piece is carefully handcrafted by local Puerto Rican women following a sustainable production process. And If it ever tears, we mend it for you. This and much more, makes our brand a one of a kind. 

In the near future, we thrive on expanding our workshop into a bigger, yet sustainable and honest swimwear manufacture in Puerto Rico.


Vigo is all about creating distinctive, reversible and versatile pieces with the main mission of reducing waste and therefore taking care of the environment.  Today we are facing the sad reality of an excessive amount of plastic debris abandoned in landfills and our oceans, causing a negative impact on our ecosystem and marine life.  Our swimsuits are designed and handcrafted out of recycled fabric made from plastic water bottles (PET) and packed in reusable and compostable materials which is why when you buy Vigo, you contribute to decreasing plastic pollution.  Every Vigo is reversible, giving you a two-in-one convenient and travel friendly swimsuit.